As demands for industrial generators, transformers and load bank units are rising, PVD Training in partnership with Aggreko to be the focal point in Vietnam and Asia region where provides a diverse range of generators, transformers and load bank units to all clients and customers across the industries.

PVD Training represents Aggreko the producer from the United Kingdom as the sole agent in Vietnam for the rental of those aforementioned equipment. You can always find us for the best rental packages that are just the same as the original ones you might get from the producer. We are in alliance to best serve the customers in the world by breaking any geographical borders and limits to make our equipment and devices are most approachable to our end-users.

Customers will find what their just need with the full rental packages offered by PVD Training, in which we provides consultancy and advice for optimal solutions regarding the use of generators, transformers and load bank units for your continuous and critical work operations no matter how harsh the environments are. Our comprehensive packages include but not limit to the following applications:

  • Power for construction and commissioning a new project site;
  • Power for initial production phases, early operations;
  • Power for connection phases, test run (HUC);
  • Power for projects, remote areas not yet connected to the grid;
  • Load testing service for primary power generation system;
  • Temporary power during planned maintenance or unplanned outages;
  • Electrical equipment rental(generators, high voltage transformers, fuel tanks, gas detection and firefighting systems, loads, cables…);
  • Technical supports including site survey, design and determination of applicable engineering;
  • Mobilization and distribution of resources for operation of equipment;
  • Installation, test run;
  • On-site operation & maintenance;
  • Fuel control;
  • Temporary temperature control service;

Commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of the equipment will be provided throughout the rental and it is PVD Training guarantee that customers will benefit the most from our high-performance, rapid-setup and easy-operation equipment. We are always at your disposal to support you with technical guidance and set-up, anytime and anywhere.

For more information about the rental of industrial generator, transformers and load bank units. Please drop your email at: We always await to serve!